Downeast Ceilidh


The radio show was my wife’s main passion for 45 years. When she became too ill to actually go to the radio station, I helped her produce it at home. When she was too ill to even do that I reedited old show so that the program continued. It ended only when I was forced to retire. Marcia passed away in her sleep on February 9th. Many people on Facebook have commented how much they enjoyed listening to the show over the years so I’ve decided to post some show here for folks to enjoy.

If you were a regular listener you might want to contribute to The Canadian-American Club’s Building fund in her memory.

Here are two ways to make donations:

1) Via check.
To: The Canadian-American Club of Massachusetts (or just the Canadian-American Club)
Memo Field : Marcia Young Palmater Building Fund
Send to: The Canadian-American Club
202 Arlington St
Watertown, MA 02474
(Telephone: 617-924-9827)
2) Online, via paypal link
b) click on Donate
c) enter amount and either click “Donate with Paypal” or “Donate with a Debit or Credit Card”
d) On the payment screen, enter “Marcia Young Palmater Building Fund”
The club will then be able to track donations in Marcia’s memory, and also ensure that the dollars are used towards the building fund.
Thank you in advance, and thank you to Terry Eagan for his work in making this possible.
Now sit back and enjoy an episode of Downiest Ceilidh from February 16, 2008.

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