My friend Chris Pahud posted this wonderful picture on Facebook. He commented “February 17, 2015 ~ Snow still fell over Dorchester Bay frozen thick and cold as it looked ~”


Chris takes, and posts, amazing pictures. Especially amazing because he takes them on his iPhone. You should immediately “friend” him on Facebook so you can enjoy them too. When I saw this one, I thought of the following song by Joel Mabus, pictured below….


In addition to being a great “iPhotographer,” Chis is also a great singer. Here’s Cris’ version of a song I’m sure you know.


Chis recently had one of his songs featured on the radio in the UK!

Chris is currently working on a new website, and shortly you’ll be able to purchase his music on BandCamp. In the mean time you can catch him in concert as part of Wall of Grass on Saturday afternoon, March 9th, and that evening performing with Garnet Rogers and the venerable Homegrown Coffeehouse in Needham.



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