Old Timey Tunes for the Fourth

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[For more songs about the Fourth of July click here. More songs about the Month of July can be found here. To read more posts, musical and otherwise, visit The Folktracks Collection.]

Fourth of July at the Country Fair was first recorded in 1927 by Bill Chitwood & His Georgia Mountaineers. This version comes from the Red Clay Ramblers who recorded it some 52 years later.

From The Traditional Tune Archive:

James Bryan has said that the tune was originally played as a processional for evening services at camp meetings in Arkansas in the 19th century. Bryan’s source was Tom Jackson, who learned it from Coleman Barwick, an old-time fiddler from Blountsville, Alabama.

I think his fiddle is “cross tuned” here. Probably DDad, also know as Dee Dad, or the Dead Man’s Tuning.

Vivian, and her husband Phil, are legends of the Fiddle Scene in the Pacific Northwest. Viv taught Barbara Lamb. Babs went on to form Ranch Romance. (I can’t recommend highly enough that you search down some of their recordings) She has also produced a bunch of wonderful solo albums. And, of yeah, while she was still in her teens, she taught Mark O’Connor.

I have no idea where this tune, Fourth of July, comes from. Barbara is playing lead, Vivian contributes harmony.

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