Happy Birthday Kristina Olsen

Born May 26, 1957

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A multi-instrumentalist, playing everything from guitar and piano to concertina, she is particularly skillful on Slide. A skill songwriter of great range, from the totally hilarious to the intimately personal, she has the ability to write love songs that don’t make me throw up in the back of my mouth.

It was always a pleasure to have Kristina join me for an interview, which she did often. And when she was spending a lot of time in Cambridge (for reasons not worth going into) she would often take the Red Line to UMB, so she could sit in the studio while I was on the air. She’d knit and we’d chat…. what a joy.

She’s recorded a lot over the years, but I thought for her birthday we’d listen to perhaps what was her first. This is from a 3 song vinyl EP she did with the Loose String Band in 1986.

She has, recently, become an author with a charming and witty collection of personal stories.

Kristina Olsen - They Paid us in Tub Time ebook

I bought the e-book, which came with 20 songs, and, I enjoyed it so much, when an audio book version became available I got that too. Here’s just a sample.

You can get more information about Kristina, and buy here recordings, and the book in any of it’s various forms¬†here.

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