Let’s start local…

…and you can’t get much more local than this.

Do you remember Jonathan Swift’s? That club in the basement of The Garage in Harvard Square, Cambridge. One of the things I remember was that long, wide staircase leading down. I was drinking in those days, so I was drunk when I arrived and drunker when I left, and that stair case was always a challenge for someone of my general level of inebriation.

The music was always amazing. They presented all sorts of different performers. I vividly remember a show by Willie Dixon with an all star band. The mainstay of the club was Country Music and in addition to big name artist on tour, they specialized in New England Country. Three of the regions best are represented here, along with the northeast premier Bluegrass band. Allan Estes fronted The Estes Boys, Chuck McDermott fronted Wheatstraw, Joe Val had his New England Bluegrass Boys and my late friend, John Lincoln Wright led his Sour Mash Boys.

All the bands turned in stellar performances for this live recording but I’ve selected the “odd track out” because it’s so damn local.

The singer and songwriter is Larry Flint who was, at the time, best known for being the road manager of John Lincoln Wright and The Sour Mash Boys. Though Lincoln may be gone, Larry is still very much with us and can often be heard performing at Sally O’Brien’s in Somerville.



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