So here’s the idea…

Though some people might categorize me as a hoarder, I’m really a collector. I’ve been collecting music and music related stuff my whole life. Now that I’m old, I’m trying to organize and document this stuff to save work for whatever archive ends up with it all. So, I figured, why not put pieces of it online for you to enjoy. There’ll be a lot of music, with the background included, musical instruments (mostly my Maccaferri collection,) and strange audio players I’ve ended up with over the years.

Since my unfortunate, and untimely retirement, I’ve missed sharing music with you and this is one avenue for doing more of that. I’ll try to keep the category tags logical so if you’re only interested in, say, fiddle tunes, you can find those without being inundated with pictures of plastic guitars.

Please feel free to write me using the Contact page. You’ll find the link at the top of the front page. I’m sometimes slow to answer but I will.

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