From Uncle Gil’s Rockin’ Archive

Here’s a couple of odd ones from the venerable Uncle Gil.


You’ve got to be quite the player to have a style named after you. Add to that Merle’s songwriting and you can see why, at least to me, he’s one of the most important figures in the history of Country Music. Here’s a brief “interview” with the man himself taken from the album pictured above.


I don’t think I ever knew that Johnny had done the Victoria Station commercials. Not surprising since I stoped listening to commercial Country Music radio some time in the 70s. (Gee, I miss WDLW in Waltham.) The Victoria Station folks were nice (grateful?) enough to allow him to use the ad as the basis for the following song. I warn you, it ain’t great, but then again, how many songs can you think of based on commercials rather than the other way around.

Both of these albums, and hundreds of others, can be found at Uncle Gil’s Rockin’ Archive.


  1. It’s a sad thing – on Nov 5, 2018 Uncle Gil tragically died for fear of the few evil comments on his blog. Place and time of funeral unknown. R.I.P. dear old Uncle fearful Gil ….


  2. It’s a tragicomedy – crybaby Uncle Gil once again committed suicide just because some evil evil nasty gangsters copied some tra-la-la from links he published and tried to sell it … what a bad bad world – R.I.P. forever now dear old Uncle whiner Gil …


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