An Audiotree Sampler

About Audiotree

Audiotree is a Chicago-based, artist-centric music company, best known for our in-studio concert series, Audiotree Live. We love music, and want to use that love to positively impact the lives of as many people as possible. We believe in making genuine connections and forming organic relationships with the people we meet along our journey.

We believe in presenting artists exactly as they perform. The audio you hear on every Audiotree Live session is the live mix- no post production, no tuning, no time aligning, no cheating. If a band sounds great, it’s because they played great. The sessions feel like you are in the faces of the musicians because that’s where our videographers are. The bands are the best, because we hand pick them. We aim to create the most intimate, high-quality live performance videos available, for you to enjoy.


The Ghost of Paul Revere – Are they a Bluegrass Band? I’m not sure. They are from Maine. That probably explains it.


Darlingside – These guys met during college while singing in different A Capella groups. Turns out their voices blended beautifully, they could write, and they all played different instruments, well. Now they’ve moved here to Somerville which means I couldn’t love them more.


The David Wax Museum – I used to see David at the Club Passim Open Mic and I always thought he had it. Now he has a band and has even more of it.


Tall Heights – From Massachusetts Second City, Worcester, these guys create a powerful atmosphere considering there are only two of ’em. And two nicer guys you’d never want to meet.


The Dustbowl Revival – They’re kinda like a Bluegrass Band with a horn section. Don’t ya think all Bluegrass Bands should have one. You will after you hear this.


Larkin-Poe – I first ran into these two when they were a part of the Lovells, a family Bluegrass Band. All three sisters were great singers and played multiple instruments. One sister left for college and the other two decided to soldier on as Larkin-Poe. They’ve record a lot and each release is very different. Some are very acoustic, while others, like this on just flat out ROCK!


The Amy Helm Band – Everybody knows that her dad was Levon Helm, but people forget that her mother was Libby Titus. No wonder she sounds like this.


Barrence Whitfield and the Savages – He’s just the best Soul Screamer in the world and he’s from Boston. Barrence has also worked at every used record store in Eastern Massachusetts. We’ve been buds since he got over the shock that I knew a lot about Soul Music, and I got over the shock that he knows a lot about Folk Music. Country Music too.


The Blind Boys of Alabama – What better way to end this sampler than with America’s greatest Gospel vocal ensemble. Especially when they’re doing a Norman Greenbaum classic. Yes, that one…


Audiotree has many, many more recordings available on BandCamp. Try some, then buy some here.

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