Huntington’s Disease

On Thursday evening I attended a benefit for The Huntington’s Disease Youth Organization at Thunder Road in Somerville. My buddy Chris Pahud did a great set with Jamie Walker (Swinging Steaks) on guitar and mandolin, Sandy Martin (Girls Night Out, The Patsy Cline Show) on bass and Joe Donnelly (The Del Fuego’s, Swinging Steaks) on drums. Sal Baglio (The Stompers) rocked the house with his new band, and then I went home because I’m old.

This reminded me of Peter Lehndorff who’s wife passed away due to Huntington’s. Peter is a lovely guy and I’ve always loved his writing. He is capable of being both funny and touching, often at the same time, and that is a rare talent. I just visited his Bandcamp site to see if he had anything new that I didn’t already have. Turns out he’s donating all the proceeds of anything he sells on Bandcamp to Huntington’s Disease Program at the UConn Health Center.

Click here to visit Peter on Bandcamp, donate some much needed money to a good cause, and pick up some good music for yourself. Believe me, You won’t be sorry.

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