Happy Birthday Mac Wiseman

Born on May 23, 1925


Here’s Mac performing at the Horseshoe Club in Toronto. In the 60s this was a favorite haunt of homesick Downeasters. While Newfoundlanders in Toronto at the time tended to go to the Caribou Club (where Harry Hibbs, The Boy from Belle Isle was the feature) folks from PEI and Nova Scotia went to the Horseshoe, where they could hear the Pride of PEI, Stompin’ Tom Connors.

I’m guessing Mac’s appearance at the Horseshoe was sometime in the 60s. Just from the list of tunes on the album you can see that he went out of his way to do songs that appealed to the local audience. I suspect about half of them were learned for this show only.


Here’s Mac performing “My Cape Breton Home.” The song is based on a poem by Lillian Crewe Walsh set to music by Charlie McKinnon, both from Cape Breton.


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