Downeast Ceilidh March 4, 2012


The name of the program was always Downeast Ceilidh, which often required explanation. Downeast, one word, no I don’t mean Maine. Ceilidh spelled in the Scottish manner. To Canadians in the Boston Area it was simply “Marcia’s Show.”

I can’t tell you how many homes of folks from the Maritimes I’ve been in that had a note on the refrigerator reminding them when “Marcia’s Show” was on. In one home there was a note on the TV “Don’t turn on Thursday Evenings!”

When the show moved to WUMB, of course, the day and time changed. I had just discovered those magnetic sheets that you could print on, so I printed up a bunch of them with the new station and schedule on them. On the air, Marcia offered to send one out to anyone who sent a self addressed stamped envelope. Between the ones we sent out and the ones we handed out, I must have printed up hundreds. I wonder if there are any left, still stuck to a fridge door.


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